Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Theories in Nursing Informatics

A. Change Theories
    Computerization of information system involves change, moving from paper-based environment to a completely paperless environment. It can be minor or major change depending on the maturity of the previous system, most importantly the users of the information system.

1. Roger's Diffusion of Innovation Theory (unplanned change) - examines the pattern of acceptance that innovations follow as they spread across population of people who adopt it.

2. Lewin's Change Theory (planned change) - describes the processes that occur in a planned change into 3 stages.

B. Information Theories

1. Blum's Theory - Blum stated in 1986 that computer functions can be categorized into 3 groups:
*data is processed
*information is processed
*knowledge is processed

2. Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom Continuum

C. Cognitive Theory - Cognitive science includes mental models, skills acquisition, perception and problem solving that adds an understanding of how the brain perceives and interprets a computer screen.


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